Looking for a music notation consultant? Look no further! This is your one-stop shop for music transcription, formatting, and arrangement. Do the following job descriptions sound like what you need? If so, drop me a message and we’ll talk! Most contacts are responded to within 24 to 72 hours.

  • Transcription: Audio to notation or MIDI
  • Input: Handwritten or old-fashioned engravings to notation
  • Formatting: Existing digital files cleaned and prepared to print
  • Arranging: adapting your music for other ensembles. This may include orchestrations, piano reductions, jazz reharmonizations, transpositions, etc.
  • Pedagogy: adapting an existing piece of music for student-level performance
  • Musical theatre: preparing piano/vocal scores, parts for pit bands, etc. for live theatrical productions

TRANSCRIPTION: Audio to notation. You can get a PDF that is ready to print, publish, hand out to the band…Or get a Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, or XML file if you want to make further edits.

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TRANSCRIPTION: Audio to MIDI. You can get a MIDI file that is optimized for Synthesia, or get a MIDI file that is ready to place in your DAW. Alternatively, if you are a Garageband or Logic user, I can send you the project file.

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INPUT/FORMATTING/PROOFREADING: Notation or MIDI. Have a handwritten score or old-fashioned engraving that needs to be digitized? Have a score but no parts, or parts but no score? A MIDI file to turn into a score?Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 9

ARRANGING & ADAPTING: You can request a piano reduction, ensemble orchestration, choral harmonization, jazz harmonization, practical rhythm section parts, etc. for your custom project.

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MUSICAL THEATRE: Get your show ready for the stage with P/V scores or parts for a pit band. Playable piano reductions, character assignments, and stage directions are all taken care of.

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PEDAGOGY: Provide the piece you want to play and a reference for what your student can already play. I’ll make it work at their skill level based on my research and practice in teaching.

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CHORD CHARTS: Sometimes you just need the structure and form of a song done fast.

Consequences - Camila Cabello - 1 of 1

JAZZ SOLO TRANSCRIPTION: Can’t figure out that super-duper-ultra-locrian-augmented-19th-superimposed-negative-harmony lick by your favorite jazzer?

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(I can.)

Quality assurance: a human element

All this is done by an actual, real live, human…a professional performing, directing, and teaching musician.


(photo credit: Carla Wehmeyer, October 2018)

You can expect fluency with voices, piano, electric pianos, synthesizers, organs, guitars and guitar effects, basses, ukuleles, mandolins, drum sets, electronic drums, digital audio workstations, musical theatre scores and scripts, orchestral scores and parts, big band scores and parts……………..

Lastly and most importantly, my clients are cared for. Life is stressful, especially for musicians, and I want to make sure you are perfectly prepared for that concert, recording session, publication, or just to have the product for your own personal satisfaction. Every great composer, songwriter, and performer has stood on the shoulders of giants to make their creative vision a success, and so should you. I got your back – don’t do it alone. ♥



“Starting” prices based on typical 3:00-4:00 songs. Prices listed in USD,
Lead sheets starting at 30.00 each
Solo piano scores starting at 45.00 each
Piano/vocal scores starting 60.00 each
Small ensemble scores (3 to 7 parts) starting at 90.00 each
Large ensemble scores (more than 7 parts) starting at 120.00 each
-Any product includes ONE round of revisions free of charge; get it just the way it needs to be!
-Orders of 10+ pieces may be considered for a discount.

A few more examples